Sunday, November 28, 2010

Simple oak shelving

I hate to break away from the 111 post count, but I thought I'd share something I did for myself.

Dimensional red oak, 1x4 (3/4x3.5") slapped together with dadoes and some simple router work around the outside.

The Delta dado set I have is missing its shims. To fit this wood, I needed a shim about the thickness of a piece of notebook paper. So I stuck a piece of notebook paper in there! Worked great. Routered with a  cove bit for around the outside corners, and used a flat bit and my router table fence to create the vertical stripe on the sides.

Simple BLO and lacquer finish. I love working with BLO and lacquer. I can apply the BLO one evening, and start applying the lacquer the next morning. BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) adds a warm tone to the wood without blotching or darkening end grain. And lacquer sprayed is so fast... 30 minutes between coats and ready to hang in a few hours after the last coat.

Speaking of hanging, I drilled 3 pocket holes on each side and used Walldog screws to fasten to the wall. The wood will break before these guys pull out.

I used the black ones so they'd hide better in the holes.