Sunday, September 16, 2007

Harbor Freight "Lifetime Carbide" 64t Cutoff Blade

Lifetime Carbide
8" Precision Cut-Off Blade
C-3 Tungsten Carbide Tipped
64 Tooth
Thin Kerf

This blade was $12 at Harbor Freight. I'm always looking for 8" blades since my craptastic Black & Decker table saw uses 8" blades. I won't spend any "real" money on a blade because eventually I'll get a 10" saw and these 8" blades will be sold with the B&D.

I've been using an 80 tooth 7 1/4" blade for cutting plywood and such with fair results, but hoping to find a true 8". This one fell off the blade rack at Harbor Freight while I was looking at 7 1/4" blades. It really wanted me to buy it!

The construction quality appears better than the Sears Craftsman dado set I have, though this blade came with scratches all over it. No wear, just handling scratches.

The brazing of the tips isn't bad either. I was expecting more splatter and holes. Neither were apparent.

The teeth are sharp and well ground with an alternating cut.

I used this blade immediately. But not for wood! For cutting the .220 thick acrylic for my trim router's offset base. It cut clean and true.

I had to wire brush off the melted plastic, then I used it to miter some 1x2" pine. It cut well, with a fine tooth pattern cut into the wood. No major scoring or saw half-moons visible.

The pics hopefully show the teeth and how they're brazed onto the body of the blade. Not superfantasticalbeautiful robotsfromthefuture made this, but better than I would expect for such a cheap (errr... "inexpensive") blade.

Enjoy the pics, and remember not to automatically avoid a cheap tool just because it's cheap.

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