Friday, January 4, 2008

Craftsman 10" Band Saw

This is the tool I was really looking forward to working with. My Craftsman 10" band saw. For a cheap (slightly over $100) band saw, it has some pretty nice features. Large cast iron table, steel frame and doors, 1/3 hp motor, adjustable fence, miter gauge, and a resawing capacity OVER 4"!

As delivered the blade tracked square on the wheels! I was shocked! Appalled! How dare they make me have to enjoy this saw sooner!

I'm told it is made by Rikon, and I believe. Square and sturdy, this band saw made me very happy. Only 3 blemishes kept this from being perfection:

  1. Blade Tensioning
    I will have to do more research on accurate tensioning. There doesn't appear to be a gauge anywhere. For now I have it adjusted so there is no wobble between the wheels. But I think I should be a bit more taut.
  2. Sucky miter gauge
    I know, I know. No stock miter gauge is worth crap. Sigh.
  3. Cut quality
    Yep. Even pine came out looking like a washboard, regardless of feed rate.
None of these are really that big of a deal. Stock blade cut quality was expected to be poor, look at the pic:

Yikes. I'll spend my time learning about this saw with the stock blade, and order a nicer one for real work. (Anybody priced carbide tipped BS blades? Holy cow!)

I was really impressed with the bearings top and bottom. The only other band saw I've worked with only had rub blocks.

So, as I said, I'm very happy. I hope to destroy lots and lots of wood with this!


Unknown said...

I am able to get my blade to track fine. My problem is with tension. I read your advice for tension. I am struggling with cranking the ABS wheel on top. Has this been an issue for you?

Unknown said...

I am struggling with the ABS knob on top of saw for blade tension. Is this the only way to tighten the blade?

Don said...

Do you mean that you can't get enough tension? Or that you're breaking the handles?