Saturday, February 9, 2008

An Inexpensive Mobile Base for the Table Saw

My 9" Rockwell Table Saw / Jointer Combo is heavy. Maybe not Powermatic 66 heavy, but heavy. Since my shop is my garage (or is it my garage is my shop?), I need to move it around as I work. Not good for my back, and probably not good for the saw stand either.

I picked up a mobile base at the BORG for $30. It's the Port-A-Mate PM1000 Universal Mobile Base. (Note that the link to Amazon has it as quite a bit more expensive. Dunno why it was only $30 at Home Depot.)

It was easy to assemble. One note though, the instructions suck donkey balls. Just use the exploded diagram to assemble it.

If you're going to be putting your tool on it by yourself, a tip: Assemble it in two halves, leaving the bolts out of the crossmembers between them. That way you can lift one side of the tool, slide that half in, then do the same on the other side. At least for me, it was easy to bolt the two halves together while under the saw.

What's funny is I went and bought casters to build my own. But this was just way too easy. I couldn't make myself pass it in the store. And now my saw is mobile. It's wonderful being able to easily scoot it out of the way when I need the floor space!

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