Monday, August 25, 2008

99c Store Turning Kit

This pickup tool was purchased at the 99c store several years ago. Over time, the end and pocket clip have fallen off and been lost. The telescoping tube and magnet on the end are just fine however, so I never tossed it.

Last night I decided to see if I could turn a nice handle for it.

I mic'd the fat end of the telescoping tube and got 7.98mm inner diameter. I then loaded up a kingwood pen blank and turned a handle with an 8mm tip, 1/4" long. Finished with shellac and friction polish, the kingwood handle was inserted into the pickup tool with a few drops of CA glue.

The handle is in VERY snug and the glue will keep it from coming loose.

I may have to buy a few more of these things from the 99c store and see what else I can do with them!

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