Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Segmented Turning Stave Thickness Calculator

I spend some time (a lot of time) (too much time) on the Woodnet forums. But I've learned so much from the guys there.

One guy, Joe Fisher, is a regular. A few months ago I bought a hook hollowing tool from him (videos here). I haven't written it up yet because I've only used it a few times and don't have my technique down yet.

Apparently he's also better at JavaScript than I am. He has recently published a calculator to figure out how thick staves need to be at glue-up time to get a desired thickness after turning. It calculates this based on the number of staves you plan to use, and how thick the final turning will be. It even includes a bit of fudge factor because most of us can't turn to super tight tolerances.

I have yet to do a staved turning (and the couple of segmented turnings I've done were laughable) but I've added this site to the ole toolbox.


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