Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where did the Amazon links go?

While I had never made a penny off it, I ran Amazon ads to help steer my blog's visitors to Amazon for some good deals on woodworking tools and supplies.

This is no longer the case.

Amazon recently dropped me as an advertiser because the State of Colorado had passed a sales tax law requiring sales tax to be paid for online purchases. And I live in Colorado.

However my personal feelings about that law (I wrote a slew of letters against it before the bill went up for a vote), Amazon is punishing all advertisers in Colorado by halting all business with us. Of course, the ads still ran just fine. We just wouldn't get paid if someone makes a purchase through those ads.

That is sleazy, cheap, and should be illegal.

So not only will this (or any of my other blogs) be Amazon ad-less, I will no longer purchase anything via Amazon. And I've spent a lot on that silly site over the past several years...

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