Monday, October 25, 2010

Pen Size Comparison Chart

One thing I've never seen is a chart comparing the different pen sizes. I don't know just how helpful this is, since tiny differences in pen girth = huge differences in the feel of the pen.

  1. 1-Pocket Pen
  2. 2-Slimline (modified)
  3. 3-Sierra
  4. 4-Pentel Conversion
  5. 5-European
  6. 6-Tall Slimline
  7. 7-Jr Gentleman's
  8. 8-Jr Majestic
  9. 9-El Grande
This isn't comprehensive by any means, though it can be used as a basic guide. If I say it's "Number 9 sized" then you know it's the thickest of the lot.

I hope this helps!

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