Saturday, March 12, 2011

Antler Handled Pizza Cutter

My latest toy is antler. I picked up a couple racks from Craigslist over the winter, but it wasn't until today that the weather cooperated enough to work with the garage door open.

I'd always heard antler was stinky to work with. So I waited. I'm glad that I did! It was a combination of the aroma of wet dog mixed with the scent of a dentist drilling on your tooth.


I cut the antler then drilled a 1/2" hole for the threaded insert for the pizza cutter kit. Sanded the cuts and epoxied the insert so I wouldn't risk splitting the antler. A little thin CA for the exposed marrow to keep bacteria and such from throwing a party inside.

The kit was purchased from Rockler during a recent sale. I'm very impressed with this kit. The blade is decent brushed stainless steel. The body is heavy chrome plated steel with rubber bushings for the blade. Very nice weight to help when cutting pizza.

I left the body loose so the handle could be removed to wash separately. I doubt running it through the dishwasher is good for antler, so that can be hand washed while the blade gets treated as any other piece of cutlery.

All in all, a fine result. I'll need to make some pens from the antler pretty soon!

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