Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harbor Freight Circular Blade Sharpener

The final result.
I ordered this before being let go from my job. I suppose I could return it but...

Here's a link to the sharpener:

$59 and I get to sharpen my own table saw and miter saw blades! As expensive as those blades are, I'd love to be able to sharpen them myself.

When I got it and tried to set it up, I found the instructions accurate but not terribly helpful. So I thought I'd try it out on an old rusty blade that came with an old Rockwell saw I restored a while back.

What I started with. Ugh!
The sharpener is VERY fiddly to set up. Even after spending 30 minutes trying to dial it in, I still ended up screwing up the set of the teeth.

The sharpener *does* work. But as you can see in the first pic, the results are a bit rough. The diamond blade leaves some serious grooves!

I'll fiddle with it some more later, but for now I wouldn't sharpen a high end blade with it.

More pics:

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