Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Rockwell Family Has Moved In!

This set was from the mid 70's I think.

9" Table Saw with a tilting arbor
4" Jointer
1 HP dual pulley motor (single phase)
Stand to tie it all together.

Aside from the rust on the table saw's top and the jointer's wings, the thing is *really* clean.

The following posts will document my efforts at getting this gear ready for use. I'm not calling it a restoration, because I don't want the stuff to look like new. I want it to be functional and clean. The paint is in excellent shape throughout, so no need to re-paint.

All the bearings and gearing move smoothly, if a bit stiff. Who knows when the last time this thing was run. But no rust on the gears that I can see.

The motor feels tight and when plugged in spins up instantly and quietly. The cords are clean and undamaged as well.

All said, I'm happy with this purchase. Now time to start getting it ready!

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