Monday, October 29, 2007

Table Saw is Running

No time for a full write-up right now, but I got the Rockwell table saw component of my combo running. After running some test scrap wood through it I found it to be MUCH nicer than my Black & Decker 8" Benchmount table saw!

I'll get a write-up with pics and everything soon.


Chuck said...

Howdy Boss, I've been admiring your Rockwell International Tool Group for that last half hour. I was asked to haul away a model34-607 about a year ago, and I started restoring it tonight. I'm currently sanding the rust off starting with 180 grit in a palm sander, and I intend to work up to maybe 400 grit on the table itself. How do you like yours so far? Do you know what year it was made? Do you know how much it cost originally? Curiously, Chuck Dart

Don said...

You might want to check out the Rockwell tool registry over at Old WoodWorking Machnies:

Mine is a late 70's early 80's vintage. No more info than that yet. I'd love to find a catalog of that vintage to get pricing from. I found a 50's one (with the Homecraft badges) but nothing else.