Friday, November 30, 2007

On The Move...

Not much happened the past couple weeks, and I'm moving next weeek, so not much wood stuff happening for a while.

My new place is $400 a month cheaper than I'm paying now. It has a larger (1 1/2 car) garage and a huge backyard. Woot! So it will definitely be worth the trouble.

The photo at right is of a binder cover I made just as a test. It's using Rollabind discs on the edge. If you've never seen that before, I can heartily recommend you check it out. I just got some chrome discs from them too. :)

The wood is Ambrosia Maple. I ripped 1/8" thick pieces off a 4/4 (3/4" surfaced) board. Gentle clamping with Titebond and then I trimmed. I added a 1/4" thick piece of ply on the backside to hold it together, and to provide a sandwich for the blue plastic.

The plan was to make a bunch of different binders for the folks at work that use the Rollabind system, but with the move, I doubt I'll get to it. :(

Another thing I found is isometric paper. Like graph paper but triangles instead of squares. It makes 3d drawings super easy. No pics at the moment, but I will once I'm settled.

In case I don't get to post before Xmas, have a Merry Christmas!

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