Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why I forsook the router today!

Well, not really. But what I *did* do was throw the @#$#@^ thing across the garage and start cutting the legs for my candle holder on the scroll saw using my template instead of the template bit on the router.

The template is cut from thin hardboard. I glued my drawing to the hardboard then used the scroll saw to cut the template. A quick sanding and it was ready.

Double-sided tape fixed the template onto the wood to cut the pattern for a set of legs for a candle holder. I put the 1/4" trimmer bit with bearing on the router, aligned it so the blade touched the bottom of the pattern, and started cutting.

I "sneaked up" on the cut because there was some meat to cut through. No biggie, do it all the time. Just take the wood off in several passes.

But this time the router grabbed the wood and shattered it!

The only thing I can think of is the bit must be getting dull. I use it a lot. Bleh.

So.... What do I do now? I then looked over at my bench. The little Craftsman 3" scroll saw was still clamped there and waiting to work. Why not?

The pic at the top of this blog shows how effectively the scroll saw cuts through the wood while following the pattern. Nice clean cuts resulted! Granted, it took quite a bit of concentration to guide the piece through the scroll saw, but it was worth it.

(Yes, the cuts aren't as clean as a router cut would be. Duh.)

So I now have yet another use for the $20 scroll saw!

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